Indigo's history

Based at Indigo’s Arts Lab in the Kingfisher Centre, the organisation was a founder member of the Arts in Redditch (air) partnership, won the Redditch partnership’s ‘Stronger Communities’ Award for 2006/07, and a Redditch Borough Council Inspire Award in 2012, was the Mayor’s Charity for 2009/10, and in 2013 Indigo’s Projects Director won a Pride of Redditch Award for her work with the charity, with Indigo’s Music Director winning the same award in 2015. 

Since it's foundation in 2001, Indigo has funded highly successful projects, performances and workshops in all areas of performing arts disciplines, and related technical skills, as well as visual & literary arts. It has had an average of over 100 children, young people, and adults including those with learning disabilities, registered in regular provision with the organisation throughout its lifetime, as well as attracting further participation through short-term projects and one-off events. 

It has been responsible for hundreds of performances and performance related events locally and further afield. These include supporting local community events; providing entertainment for a number of local groups and associations; tours to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where the company have received 4 & 5 star reviews, and were described as great ambassadors for their town; regular full scale shows including two new and very successful musicals – Eye of a Needle (based on the town’s needle history) & Sector 17, (written by young people from the organisation); and projects that support the Town’s Heritage. It is open to all, and continues to attract new people to its provision each year. It now begins the work of developing a community arts space at its new building in the Shopping Centre. 

The majority of activities undertaken are made possible by voluntary work from both the adults and young people involved. It is the Indigo ethos to put something back into the community that supports the organisation, that is why those involved give up so much time to rehearse and perform, to support community events, to involve themselves in the heritage & culture of the town and to share their skill, talent and knowledge with others. 

Indigo also offers advice, consultancy and support to other community organisations and individuals, as well as making resources available to those who might not otherwise be able to access them. The charity is entirely reliant on grants, sponsorship and donations, which are used to provide high quality creative experiences and resources for all those with whom we work.